Wednesday, Jun 20th

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The New Face of Estee Lauder: Joan Smalls

JSmalls-Estee-LauderIf If models and their careers are to be measured by stars, then Joan Smalls can be considered nothing less than a Supernova or rather a Sirius star (thanks Wikipedia). In just three years of her professional career, she has climbed the modeling ranks at a stellar pace and is now the new global spokesmodel for Estee Lauder skincare and cosmetics.  This partnership is no small feat (no pun intended)for Smalls or the sixty four year old brand, whose only other black spokesmodel is Ethiopian beauty Liya Kebede.  She is also the company’s first Latina spokesmodel.

Smalls, 22, who is half-black, half Puerto Rican and all gorgeousness, has taken the modeling world by storm in her speedy tenure.  In three short years, she has...