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Director John Singleton Speaks About the State of Black Cinema

JohnSingleton_Cropped_LittleIn the last decade, black films have made considerable strides in Hollywood. Normally there are roughly 10-15 films released about the black experience each year. While half of these films are stereotyped urban crime dramas or predictable comedies, it has been refreshing to see other films like The Pursuit of Happyness, Dreamgirls, How She Moves; the Great Debaters, and The Karate Kid being made that did not marginalize black people.

During the era of Obama, many hoped to see a more progressive shift in how Hollywood portrayed the black films but for now, it seems the studios have stopped investing in the black experience only releasing one film per year--in 2010, For Colored Girls by Tyler Perry and in April 2011, Jumping the...

Review: Adele's 21

AdeleReview of Adele’s “21” Two-time Grammy award winner Adele is back with her sophomore album “21.” And like the album’s title, which correlates with the young artist’s age, Adele’s voice has matured since her 2008 debut album “19.” (Ironically, the British songstress turned 22 just before the album’s release.)  The heartfelt lyrics and modest melodies on her first album suggest she was recovering from a broken heart.   But with faster tempo tracks like...

B.Couleur Exclusive: One on One with Janet Jackson


      Jackson—singer, actress, entrepreneur, philanthropist and above all else, overall mega entertainer who has years of longevity under her belt is an icon. Of course, we know where her musical roots stem from because in reference to music, there's no doubt that the 'Jackson' surname has been heard and adored in households for decades, but the baby of the family has always held her own.

Growing up, my friend and I couldn't wait to turn on the music video channel...

Interview with El DeBarge: The Music, The Soul, The Legend

El_Debarge_MicI sat quietly waiting for the phone to ring in my home office directly in front of my computer-I was still in shock and had the biggest grin on my face that wouldn’t budge. The moment was surreal and on a scale of 1 to 10, my level of excitement had hit the 20 mark. I looked at the clock and noticed the time approaching—it was five minutes to 3 o’clock. My list of questions was well prepared lying on my keyboard and my digital recorder was set in place. Although I was ready, as with any...

The Mirage of Nicki Minaj: Dismantling the Black Barbie

nicki minaj warrior“You don’t know who Nicki Minaj is?” Dumbfounded and almost horrified, this was the response I received from my 17-year-old cousin about a year ago when she raved about the female rap phenomenon. In truth, I’m not a huge hip-hop head, so I hadn’t the slightest notion of whom she spoke. And even though I’m only ten years older, her words were tinged with pity, as if to say, “Oh, you poor old maid.”

I didn’t remain oblivious to Minaj mania for much longer though. I soon...

Are Black Women Being Rewarded for Bad Behavior?

NeneEver-present is the overwhelming influx of reality shows that profile just about everything from cooking and fashion styling to hair shows and animal hoarding.  But no matter the theme, a key component to any successful reality show is the cast. 

 The ensemble can be comprised of an all-male or all-female cast, co-workers, housewives or househusbands, couples or people who are significantly different aside from one specific element of their personality that is consistent...