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Navigating Interracial Friendships through Racial Conflict

DiverseFriendships can be tricky business, even when the individuals involved come from similar backgrounds and have congruent interests. Add to that the tension that can arise when an issue of race rears its head in the middle of an interracial friendship, and if not handled properly, you could have the end of a bond on your hands.

 Whether you’re debating about President Obama and The Tea Party or talking about the behaviors of other cultures, issues of race are bound to come up in interracial friendships. How you handle (or avoid) this particular brand of conflict could make or break your friendship. Here are some tips to help soothe your relationship without losing a dear friend.

Be Honest

When it comes to racial tension in a...


Hip Hop vs. Black Women: Who Wins?

BitchTrickHoeThree things in life are certain: death, taxes, and misogyny in hip-hop.

As a younger, tween version of myself, I used to sing along and shake my booty to songs like "Money, Cash, Hoes."

Somewhere along the way, my pesky conscience intervened and left me with an acute case of cognitive dissonance. How could I love this music, when it clearly did not love me back? The more I was bombarded with images of half naked black women who seemed to serve no other purpose than being half naked, the...