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Food & Drink

Saturday, Oct 23rd

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Food & Drink

The McBride Sisters and Eco.Love Wines: Saving the Planet One Sip at a Time

Robin-and-Andrea-McBridelowresArticleA satisfying note of sweetness lingers when two sisters tell a story of destiny. It begins with the little girls growing up separated by the Pacific Ocean, one in New Zealand and the other in California. Each thought she was an only child until their biological father revealed a life changing link.

"We hadn't had a lot of contact with our father. Prior to him passing away, he reached out to me and said it is really important that you know you have a sister, and you meet your sister," says Andrea McBride, Founder and CEO of eco.love Wines.

Other relatives nurtured the connection until Andrea and her sister, Robin, met for the first time in 1999. Andrea was almost 17 and Robin 26. The seeds of a close friendship planted that day in New...


Jamawn J. Woods: Winner of America's Next Great Restaurant Serves Up a Taste of Success

Jamawn_WoodsGrowing up with soul food dishes on the dinner table, nourishes the love many people have for such traditional dishes as fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, greens with ham hocks, candied sweet potatoes and buttery biscuits.

Unfortunately, the levels of fat and sugar content in traditional recipes has inspired many a soul food cook to think about healthier ways to make southern cuisine. A former Detroit autoworker and self-taught cook now has the chance to turn his ideas for lighter soul...


Just Desserts: A Top Chef's Great Passion

top-chef-just-desserts-erika-davisLong before she put on her first chef’s jacket, Erika Davis learned to add a pinch or two of passion to her dishes. Her grandmother and mother taught her to bake “from scratch” and to make jelly from the strawberry patches she played in on the family farm. By age 12, Davis was baking cookies and selling them in middle school.

“I chose this career because there was nothing else I ever wanted to do. I wanted to be Wonder Woman, but pastries have been my passion since I was a little...