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Ladon Thames-Brumfield: Girls Rule! Old-Fashioned Etiquette Prepares Girls for Modern Success

Ladon Thames-Brumfield Gone are the days when ladies put on gloves for an outing, dress up to run errands, or wear a slip under a skirt. More people today view etiquette—letting seniors or pregnant women sit on public transportation or holding doors open—as a dying practice. Yet, others argue that the more etiquette is disregarded, the more conflict will arise. Ladon Thames-Brumfield thinks a return to etiquette instruction could revive the art of civility and manners.

Seven years ago, the former corporate manager began teaching the social skills required in the professional world to a group of 10 girls. Thames-Brumfield is now CEO and Executive Director of Girls Rule!, a social enterprise that serves some 1800 clients a year.

The Etiquette Imperative...