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Saturday, Oct 23rd

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Beauty Mythbusters: Skincare

Skincare.Image.PhillipWhen it comes to beauty, great product and a steady hand can accomplish just about anything. Hair, eyes, lips, nails, cheekbones – just about any feature can be manipulated to optimal effect, except the most coveted one.

Clear skin is the ultimate beauty bounty, and not even the best foundation can create the illusion if the fundamentals aren't already there. Tired of spending too much time and money on skincare, with nothing much to show except a growing balance of Sephora Insider Rewards, we decided to retain an expert to clear things up.

Carole Burns is a medical aesthetician, and skincare guru to many a model, star and socialite (sorry, we promised not to name names). As the owner of Skin Laser Rejuvenation in New York City, her...


Spring Cleaning: Do an About Face This Spring

Black_Women_Face_CreamFinalSpring brings renewal, but the effects of the long winter leave residue that can only be eliminated with a little elbow grease.  Take a beauty break from laundering the draperies and devote some time to unclogging pores and sloughing away dullness.  A spring sunshine-radiant complexion awaits!


Dissolve dead skin and open up your pores, blissfully, with Bliss Steep Clean Pore Purifying Mask.  This dual-action treatment acts like a facial from a tube to cleanse clogs and...


Experience a 24-Karat Glow

Cosme_Proud_Gold_Revitarich_EmulsionIf you have ever dreamed of being draped, from head to toe, in gems and precious metals, rejoice! 

A handful of innovative, haute-minded cosmetics companies have harnessed the properties of diamonds, pearls, and gold, to optimize the skin’s look and feel.  These beauty alchemists rejuvenate and enhance the appearance of your most cherished jewels: your hair, skin and nails.

Elevate your beauty routine to a golden plateau, with B.Couleur’s super-decadent picks.