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Jumaanah Graham

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Jumaanah Graham was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. during the time when the rap group Public Enemy screamed "Fight the Power", Queen Latifah dressed in African garb and everyone changed their name to a Muslim alias. She is the daughter of an active participant in the Civil Rights Movement and was inundated with African Pride images from the time of her formative years. Jumaanah was given a Muslim name at birth and her mindset is a reflection of all the positive Black images that surrounded her as a child. African American culture and history always stood out in her reality and gradually became a passion for her.

Jumaanah studied Mass Communications at Shaw University, the oldest historically Black University in the Southern United States. At twenty-five she began working for theSouth Korean Embassy to the United Nations and then moved on to sharpen her skills as a writer in the Malawi Embassy to the United Nations in New York City. Now at twenty-nine, she studies independently and extensively into African American history, harboring an uncommon, far-reaching knowledge which makes her distinct from the majority of her peers. She believes with conviction that the knowledge she's attained over the years will one day inspire and help to change the perception of African Americans.

She can be reached via email at