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Is Race a Valid Campaign Platform?

Saturday, Oct 23rd

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Is Race a Valid Campaign Platform?

Obma-Romney 2

The current struggle among the Republican Party can best be titled, "The White Man's Struggle". For sometime now, panic has been forming in conservative circles over the issue of power and how control of the nation has been ebbing away from the white man. As a result, there have been massive push backs against women's rights, social services, voter access laws and Internet neutrality laws from the Republican Party. Their intention is to undercut the Democratic fringe's ability to support the party's core, like it did in 2006 and 2008 when the Democrats seized a super majority in the Senate, took over the House, and captured the Presidency.

The Caucasian demographic has been declining proportionally to the nation's population for some time now. The political reactions are a startling onslaught: stringent immigration controls, oppressive ID laws, and labor restrictions on migrant workers. These issues have created a situation in which the United States had zero net immigration from Mexico for the first time since the Great Depression, according to the Pew Hispanic Center. Meanwhile, Alabama and Georgia suffered during last year's harvests, due to the lack of agricultural workers needed to man state farms.

Mitt Romney's continuously shifting campaign platform suggests that the Republican Presidential candidate may dismiss, but does not actually challenge with concrete alternatives, anything the president did except for attempting to eliminate income support for the wealthy and health care. This is ironic because Massachusetts offered the first public health care mandate in the country under Romney. Also Romney's unofficial campaign slogan "Not Enough," (as in, not enough was done to improve the economy, or not enough was done to protect job creators), and the Republicans' "Corporations are People" approach suggests he favors a top-down financial approach. That is, make the rich richer, and they will create the jobs that would support the poor. This type of austerity is the main reason for the financial collapse in Europe.

More soberly, this ideology is a full 180 from his well-documented and well-lauded approach as governor of Massachusetts. From an open-willingness to raise taxes for social issues, support of same-sex unions, and the implementation of the first state-sponsored public health care plan, Mitt Romney was considered a well-established moderate—a rarity in the Republican Party. In order to run for president, Romney became a conservative. Romney's drastic mutation and new political alignment suggests a complete change of character, values, and beliefs. So, why does the Republican Party support him? They do not have a better candidate, and he possess the three characteristics they need to make him a viable contender: white, rich, and a real poll-wise threat to the president.

From the Senate's Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's repeated declaration that defeating the president's re-election plans is the Senate Republicans' number one priority to the House Republicans' unilateral tactic in initially opposing anything the president supports; the Republicans have made clear their opposition to this president. While Republicans and Democrats have never played well together on the federal stage, this level of partisan acrimony has never been seen before.

I am of the belief that the political strife this nation is suffering through is a symptom of a greater problem that we all must face. We are moving into a state of antipathy and selfishness from those with affluence, threatening to destroy the principles that defined this country for two and a half centuries. Traditionally, the United States had a strong progressive base that has been able to challenge injustices, but recently, the Democrats have been silent in the presence of this attack from the left.

I'm not an apologist for the president. I believe that President Obama's performance has been consistent; however, his refusal to prosecute the bankers whose predatory mortgage and securities schemes triggered this recession, and his compromises with the Republicans show a weakness that can be attributed to a lack of experience, an overuse of his advisors or both.

Many of the nation's wealthy believe that the Government and elections can be bought. This election will be the first multi-billion dollar election in American history. President Obama has a projected war chest of over a billion dollars, and Romney's supporters, led by the billionaire Koch Brothers, have promised to exceed it. It's up to us now, to acknowledge what is happening and take actions towards restoring balance to the government and integrity to our political system.

Artwork by MarcoPiperni.com

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