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"Single Ladies" LisaRaye Triumphantly Proves Life Goes On

Saturday, Oct 23rd

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"Single Ladies" LisaRaye Triumphantly Proves Life Goes On


The actress speaks with B.Couleur Magazine on the success of her two hit television series, self-enlightenment and the beauty of giving back.

When I first spoke with LisaRaye last year, her reality show, "LisaRaye: The Real McCoy," was premiering on TV One. I enjoyed how candid she was with me in terms of everything: her divorce and the scandal that was attached to it, her feelings of hurt and embarrassment—not to mention the failed friendships that threw her for another loop right in the midst of the storm. But she spoke with confidence. She was very poised and determined when she declared that failure was not an option.

We tuned in and watched the Chicago native come back to the middle and pick up the pieces in the first season of the show. Amazingly, it was a huge success with over 1.6 million viewers, so a second season was inevitable. Season Two proved to be a more in-depth look into who LisaRaye was--the woman, not necessarily the celebrity.

“The first season was going through the trenches of everything--divorce, rumors and tabloids. And just trying to figure it all out and what is the first step," she says. "But this season was more of a spiritual growth, experiencing the growing pains-not so much in the valley anymore; it’s more so coming up the mountaintop to the peak.

LisaRaye also stars in the new hit VH1 romantic comedy series, "Single Ladies," which is produced by multi-talented Queen Latifah. Set in Atlanta, Georgia, the show focuses on three friends that have different perspectives on dating.

“I’m so glad and so excited, because 'The Real McCoy’ was stepping back in my career, but this is
stepping back in my career differently because it’s scripted television. This is their (VH1) first romantic comedy that they’ve ever done…the writing is done by one of my best friends that used to write for ‘All of Us’ and I was able to breathe life into her words for four years on that show. She wrote the part (Single Ladies) for me, but they wanted to go with someone who was a little younger, not in my demographic,” says LisaRaye.

Ultimately, things worked out. She ended up auditioning for the role and landed it. “It is a blessing in disguise. I am happily reciting these words and these are issues that are so current right now. The issues are real issues…cousins, mothers, aunties are seeing on the screen what they are dealing with and I love my character, " she explains.

She goes on to describe reaction to the show. "I have the best one liners. People are tweeting me ‘If you want true love, buy a puppy.’ It’s Sex in the City meets Girlfriends. There’s nothing like this on TV right now and each story is so interesting that you will say, ‘next week, I’m tuning in’ which is what we wanted to have you do anyway,” she says with a smile. “It’s bold. It’s sexy. You are going to identify with if not all three ladies, at least one. It’s so interesting, you will be hanging off your seat."

Along with actress, model, entertainer and philanthropist, ‘designer’ can be included in the mix due to the new denim line that she launched with PZI Jeans--“The LisaRaye Collection by PZI.”

“I believed in the fit and I did a partnership and was able to design my own designs and it’s been so much fun. We need jeans that fit our body shape, a contour fit. It has stretch for women with a smaller waist and fuller hips and you can bend down. You don’t get that gap in the back, ‘cause that’s not cute,” she jokes. “You can do yoga in this jean. You can travel.You can go out. Now, we’re wearing jeans and you can pair them with a nice shirt and blazer and hit the town.”

She has definitely come to terms with the lessons learned and is ready to forge ahead. "I’m working and I’m going back to what LisaRaye was originally trying to do in the beginning before being the first lady of Turks and Caicos,” she adds. "I’ve rediscovered who I am, finding out what my purpose is and asking some real, raw questions to T.D. Jakes to figure out, 'Can you help me, can I shake this off, what’s the positive in all of this?'"

LisaRae says she is the happiest when she is with her daughter, family and friends. “When you make yourself relatable, you make yourself human. Overall, it’s about bridging that gap between unity, between supporting each other. We fall down, but we get up and we must move forward, which promotes growth.” says the actress.

She also wants to share her thoughts on the experience of running her first 5k marathon. She is a global amabassador for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation and believes it is important for her to personally get involved with an organization whose mission is to promote early detection and screenings.

“I always waited for a charity of choice.· I wanted something that hit close to home and unfortunately, cancer it was.· My mom is a colon cancer survivor, I have a makeup artist who has a rare form of cancer and I really just wanted to be involved. I never wanted to be the type of celebrity that just cut the ribbon and that’s it," she explains.

She ran her first 5k marathon in Chicago and LisaRaye says, "I trained for it and to see the sea of people out there made me feel good. This is a disease that you can help with and black women, we don’t go get mammograms and there are so many myths such as deodorant causes cancer and wearing underwire bras causes cancer. These are not true. You can self examine yourself and save your life as well as others."

Follow LisaRaye on Twitter @TheRealLRaye-she wants to hear from you!·Catch the two hour series of "Single Ladies" on VH1 tonight at 10pm ET/PT and tune·into "LisaRaye: The Real McCoy" on TV One.

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