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Celebrity 2.0 – Tatyana Ali Gives Us the Scoop on Her Favorite Gadgets


She stole America’s heart playing the adorable Ashley Banks on NBC’s hit comedy, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Now, hot off the heels of a successful run with the hit TV One series, Love That Girl! actress, producer, recording artist and activist Tatyana Ali chats with B. Couleur about her gadgets of choice.

B. Couleur: What is your favorite tech toy or gadget?

Tatyana Ali: Of course my iPad, which I love because I travel so much and not having to bring my computer everywhere is genius. I also love reading on my iPad. I’ll be in my house and it will be totally dark, but the one light still on is the one beaming from my iPad (laughs). But besides my iPad, I have to say my favorite gadget is…it’s basically a gadget that fuctions like a 24/7 fat.

B. Couleur: Okay, I’ve never heard of this and it already sounds amazing. What’s it called?

Tatyana Ali: It’s the Clarisonic and it works off the same technology as the Sonic toothbrush. You can just give yourself a facial in the shower. It works so well. It’s definitely one of my favorite things.

B. Couleur: Speaking of favorite things, I love the way you communicate with your fans via Twitter and your blog. Do you prefer to use Twitter or Facebook?

Tatyana Ali: I actually prefer Twitter. It’s a bit easier for me to read and sort through to see what everyone is doing and saying. With Twitter, you have such a finite amount of space to write, so you really have to be to the point with your thoughts and what you’re really trying to say. Whereas, when I read about my friends’ activities on Facebook, they sometimes write long paragraphs or blogs (laughs). In regards to staying updated, Twitter is really great.

B. Couleur: I’m a big fan of Twitter as well. Except when people overstep their bounds and invade your personal space. At B. Couleur, we call it “bad techtiquette” or bad tech etiquette. Do you have any bad techtiquette pet peeves?

Tatyana Ali: Actually, yes. Earpieces. I’ll be in meetings or at a lunch with friends and they just keep their earpiece in all the time. I don't really have a problem with the earpiece, but just seeing it in their ear while you’re talking to them, it is as if they’re not really there.

B. Couleur: It feels like they aren’t paying attention, right?

Tatyana Ali: Exactly, it’s as if you’re talking to them and they are just waiting for someone else to call. I know we are all busy, but really? Is it really that bad?

B. Couleur: Yes, it is! And thank you for sharing that. I’m officially adding it to B. Couleur’s index of bad techtiquette peeves. Now, you’ve had a really great year especially with the success of Love That Girl! And you previously created a splash with Buppies. With so much discussion in Hollywood regarding the scarcity of work and roles for minority actors, do you feel that the web has become a strong alternative?

Tatyana Ali: Absolutely. It’s not just an alternative, it’s also the jumping off point for many projects. You can take a project that traditional distribution sources say doesn’t have an audience, and place that project online to show that it does. You can just judge by the amount of views that it gets. And now many of the major studios are looking to online content to see what direction they should be heading.

B.Couleur: And with your burgeoning production company Hazrah, can we expect to see more web shows coming from you, soon?

Tatyana Ali: We’ve got some stuff in the works.

B. Couleur: Can we get a hint?

Tatyana Ali: It’s really too early for a hint, but I’ll definitely keep you posted (laughs).

B. Couleur: Alright, we’ll be on the lookout. Now, before I forget, I have to ask if you could invent a new technology or gadget, what would it be called and what would it do?

Tatyana Ali: (Pause). Okay, so I’m a Trekkie.

B. Couleur: Me too!

Tatyana Ali: And I LOVE sci-fi. Sometimes, in certain situations, I wish I could just say “beam me up Scottie” (laughs). So, of course my gadget would not only beam me to where I have to be or where I want to go, but I would be fully dressed, make-up and all, when I get there.

B Couleur: Yes! That would be so cool. And this whole transposition process would happen at the snap of a finger?

Tatyana Ali:  Yes, just like in Star Trek. It would be called "The Scottie."

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