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The WEAVE Constitution: The Five By-laws that MUST be followed in Wearing a WEAVE WELL!


Here are the five official bylaws B. Couleur ladies all over the world should know about wearing a great weave look with the pizzazz necessary to walk the Earth with confidence, free from embarrassing stares and finger-pointing.

  1. 1)  Make Sure the Color Fits- The color of your purchased mane should complement your complexion--always.  If it does not, it could take away from your all-around look. The last thing any woman wants is for her hair to clash with everything she wears.

2) Good Hair- When choosing hair, our rule of thumb is to choose quality over quantity for a more realistic appearance--100 percent human hair is the way to go.  Human hair gives a natural bounce, shine and feel synthetic hair does not.

  1. 3) Invest in a Chic Cut- It does not matter if your human hair weave is reasonably priced or is the crème de la crème of all human hair weaves, if you don’t have the right cut for your face, your style can be thrown way off and you may be left with a bungled weave.  Having a great stylist who specializes in cutting is key for a manageable weave.  Look through the latest magazines and take a picture with you to the salon to achieve the look you desire.
  1. 4)  Blending Textures- Any woman can wear whatever hair she pleases, but if you are planning to wear your weave for a couple of months it is imperative the texture  match your own hair.  When hair shopping, do not be afraid to place the tracks against your hair to make sure they match perfectly.  Remember to test the texture and color in natural lighting, so step close to the store window or door to get the best light.
  1. 5)  The Smaller the Braid the Better- This may come as an unexpected factor in weave “policy,” but if the braids under your weave are large, then your weave look can look tragic.  Braid size is important because the smaller the braid, the closer the weave's tracks can be installed to your head, closer to your scalp, giving it a more natural look that will make your hair grab positive attention.  Smaller braids can also help make the look of your weave style last longer.  It is important to note that tracks should be removed from your hair after 1 to 3 months.  Weaves do expire!

So B. Couleur beauties, if you stick with policy and follow the laws of our constitution, you will be fabulous and not in violation.  Bad weaves are against B. Couleur beauty law, so be careful and don't get ticketed!

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