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Bikini Season Is Almost Here: Are you Ready?


As we look ahead past April showers and May flowers, the hot summer sun and beach-filled days will be here before we know it. But with it summer brings the harsh reality of bikini season.·

Ladies, this summer don’t you want to be able to strut down the beach and know you’re being noticed and then noticed again when onlookers do a double take? Don’t you want to wake up each morning, look yourself in the mirror, and say, “Dang, I look good”? Luckily, you still have a few months to make that happen, so let’s get started. By following these bikini boot camp tips, you will be a beach babe in no time.·

1. Stay Motivated. Here's a tip to help you stay focused on your fitness goal. Put a picture of yourself at your ideal weight on your refrigerator. So if you are ever tempted to cheat on your diet, seeing your svelte self will help you stay on top of your fitness regimen.

2.·Drink Water. Yes, every weight-loss show, magazine article, and commercial says this, but guess what? It’s true! Water melts away fat, keeps you hydrated, and balances hormones, a major part of weight control.

Coffee, iced tea, and flavored or sweetened water do not count. Drink filtered water and keep tabs on how much you’re drinking. Experts say a woman should drink half her weight in ounces of water each day, so you do the math and ask yourself, are you chugging the agua like you should?

3.·Exercise. We are all guilty of starting a workout plan and then never following through past day three. Stay consistent and motivated. Switch up your workout so it’s more enjoyable. Avoid a weight-loss plateau by alternating your daily calorie-burning exercises. But remember, you should do cardio workouts at least three of the five days you workout to burn those cals.

Step on your Wii Fit and do an hour workout or rent some Zumba DVDs. Grab a smoothie and head to the yoga studio for a class or two with some friends.· Make a killer iPod playlist and go for a run. Perhaps your spouse needs beach body motivation too. Sign up for a class together and enjoy watching your bodies transform.·

Remember though, you should always take a day or two each week to relax those muscles, and no, this does not mean to overindulge by binge eating on these days. Rest your muscles, not your willpower.

4.·Watch the extras. Beware of certain naughty words when out and about like “venti,” “extra whip,” or “triple shot.” What adjectives do you use when you order food or drinks? Don’t supersize your guilty pleasures. You should also eat four small meals a day, but if your body isn’t used to that, it is hard not to snack at 9 p.m. when “The Bachelor” rolls around.

Pace yourself and try not to reach for the salty snacks at night. If you must munch on something, choose low-calorie items such as baby carrots, low-fat hummus, a bowl of fresh berries, or sweet potato chips.

5. Lastly, always remember: you are beautiful regardless of what the scale says. Don’t overdo it or make yourself sick just to fit into a bikini designed for Naomi Campbell. Accept your shape and body proportions, while also maintaining a fit and healthy weight.

Work hard, but don’t go to extremes by skipping meals or overexerting yourself at the gym. If you keep your life, eating habits, and workout routine organized and use moderation, by summer you will be on your way to a healthier and happier you—inside and out.·

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