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Keeping it Fresh and Sexy: Post Gym Care for Relaxed Hair

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As Memorial Day Weekend approaches, there is no greater motivation to end your post-resolution workout hiatus than the idea of a swimsuit-svelte body. ·But the idea of sweating it out, to shape up, can give pause to women of couleur with relaxed hair. · A few minutes on the treadmill can ruin the bounciest blowout, so the desire for fab hair often trumps that for a fit(ter) physique.

To find out how perm-rocking would-be gym rats can have the best of both worlds, we spoke to New York City-based hairstylist Angelo David·of the Angelo David Salon. ·We’re happy to report that he had just the 'do-saving answers we were looking for.

B. Couleur: Is there anything that can revive relaxed hair, post-workout?·

·Angelo David: Start with a dry shampoo to remove oil and sweat in the scalp, then arm yourself with a flat-iron to maintain your straight locks.·

·B.Couleur: What is the most relaxer-friendly workout?·

AD: [Workouts with] light weights are low impact and keep your head upright, [to prevent] damage to hair.

B.Couleur: What is the right way (read: least damaging way) to wear a ponytail?·

·AD: Use a great paddle brush to collect hair, making sure it is not pulled back very tightly, then [tie it] with a hair-friendly rubber band [Ed note: we like Goody Ouchless hair elastics].·

··What can be done to retain post-salon visit body for relaxed hair?·

·AD: The best and fastest way is to tie it in a ponytail after a dry shampoo and a blow dry. [Editor's note to New York City-based B.Couleurettes: Angelo David offers one-on-one classes to teach blow-drying basics and provide light maintenance tips to keep your hair looking great].

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