Sunday, May 09th

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How to Fashionably Stand the Rain


As any B.Couleurista knows, the Wellington boot has shrugged off its frumpy past to become a staple of chic practicality.  However, despite its rainbow-hued proliferation, the “wellie” is a bit de trop as an accessory to professional (or otherwise elegant) attire.

Fortunately, over the past few seasons, several creative brands have begun to design wet-weather footwear that toes the line between functional and fabulous.  Now it’s possible to look pulled together from head to toe, whether you’re headed to a board meeting or a big date – in a downpour.

Loeffler Randall’s understated rain boots are equipped with pointed toes and zippered backs, à la the brand’s cult favorite leather variety, and look just as chic in every situation.

Marc by Marc Jacobs’ playful Mouse Flats will inspire your feet to proverbially sing in the rain and eliminate the too-severe edge that all-black ensembles can create.

J Crew’s plastic ballet flats are every bit as every day apropos (and basic-with-a-twist) as you’d expect.  They’re perfect to pair with ankle-length pants.

Hunter’s on-trend wedge booties scream “style-conscious,” and make a serious statement on a (damp) big night out.

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