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30 Minute Makeover: Using African Textiles

Now that winter’s over and spring has officially begun, it is the perfect time to reflect a change to the look of your living space.
Not sure where to start?  Well, this may not be the time to do something pricey like buy a new sofa (besides, aren’t we all supposed to be saving more?). Instead of spending money on a big purchase, you’d be better off accessorizing what you already have. And using textiles is a great way to change the look of your space quickly and inexpensively.
I’ve collected African textiles for years and it’s often the first thing I do to implement a quick change to a room. Kente, Mud and Kuba cloths are great fabrics: the organic nature of these textiles and their strong coloration make them ideal for adding splashes of color to your already-existing furniture pieces. Kente is also made of silk and cotton—ensuring both a polished look of luxury and a fair amount of durability.
Supermodel Iman has a wonderful line of home fabrics at  Calico Corners where you will find African inspired prints that you can use as drapery, bedding, pillows or tablecloths. Kuba and Mud cloth patterns are great for providing vibrancy to an otherwise unremarkable piece of furniture. Try covering small pieces like a foot stool or a dining room chair with mud cloth. Using a heavy-duty staple gun, drape your cloth onto the surface of your piece, pulling the underside of your pieces tautly. You can also simply drape a few yards of Kente over an already-upholstered chair or sofa.
Complete the look by adding brightly colored flowers—African tulips or gardenias—in a clear glass vase on a nearby table and voile! A transformed space in thirty minutes

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