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Celebrity 2.0 – “Meet the Browns” Terri J. Vaughn Talks Favorite Gadgets

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She became a household name playing the quirky and lovable Lovita on The Steve Harvey Show. Now, producer, philanthropist and Meet the Browns actress Terri J. Vaughn sits down with B. Couleur to reveal her favorite tech toys and why the Teleporter is her transportation of choice.

B. Couleur: What is your favorite gadget?

Terri J. Vaughn: I love my blackberry, but now I’m hooked on the iPad. I love using iBooks to do my reading. I’m also addicted to Words with Friends (Scrabble). I play it everyday. It’s the last thing I do before I go to bed (laughs).

B. Couleur: That’s serious. Do you play against the computer or other people?

Terri J. Vaughn: I’m playing against 3 friends right now. Three separate games. I love it.

B. Couleur: You’re very active online, particularly in the social networking space. Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?

Terri J. Vaughn: Definitely Twitter. It’s a great networking tool and a good way for me to stay in touch with my fans. It’s also real easy to navigate. You just hit it and quit it.

B. Couleur:  But it’s such an open network. Anyone can follow you and ping you at anytime. Do you ever get weird or random tweets?

Terri J. Vaughn: Yeah, but I just don’t answer them. Anything that’s invasive or disrespectful, I just leave it alone.

B. Couleur:  Mobile and web technology have made it much easier for people to invade your personal space unknowingly. At B. Couleur, we call it “bad techtiquette.” Do you have any bad techtiquette pet peeves?

Terri J. Vaughn: YES! When I’m at the gym and I’m finished with my workout, I go into the steam room to relax and I HATE when people are in there or come in talking on their phone.

B. Couleur:  Talking loudly on a mobile in public is definitely on our top 10 list of techtiquette rule breakers. But going back to things that you love. You have a great foundation, Take Wings that promotes the advancement of young women. Do you feel that social media has helped raised awareness about your cause?

Terri J. Vaughn: My career and the foundation are one. The foundation is such a major part of who I am, so like my career, I use social media to promote the foundation, along with any other personal projects that I have coming up. I really use social media for anything that I feel I need the public’s support on. Although I won’t reveal anything too personal, I’ll definitely share whatever I feel my fans will be able to relate to or get a kick out of.

B. Couleur:  Do you feel that sharing on social media is different for a television actor than a film actor?

Terri J. Vaughn: A bit. I think for television actors, your fans may feel a sense of closeness to you that they may not feel with film actors. I mean, they sit around with their families and watch you on television; overtime, it’s almost like you become a part of their family. It’s a different kind of intimacy than watching an actor on the big screen.

B. Couleur:  And it’s definitely a testament to your loyal fan base that has been with you through the years.

Terri J. Vaughn: Yes, definitely. Sharing tidbits about my real family and life on Twitter allows me to reinforce that intimacy.

B. Couleur:  Now, if you could invent a new technology or gadget, what would it be called and what would it do?

Terri J. Vaughn: It would be like a compartment in my closet that I could step into then type in the destination of where I want to go, and arrive there just like that. It would be called the Teleporter.

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