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Back to the Future Beauty: Upgrade Your Beauty Routine Instantly


You live a fully 21st Century life, right?  You use your Smartphone 56 different ways, you read the morning paper (and New York Times bestsellers) on an electronic tablet, and when someone mentions a “tweet”, you’re fully aware they’re referencing a communication method – not the late-90s Missy Elliot protégé.

If you’re willing to shun nearly everything that isn’t multi-functional and moves slower than 4G speed, why are you stuck in analog, where your makeup is concerned? Isn’t it time that the items in your cosmetics case caught up with the rest of your hand-held possessions?

Retire your old makeup, like you once did your StarTac, and revamp with products that deliver better, easier, quicker, multi-functional results, in smaller, smarter packages. Here’s the B.Couleur list for the contemporary glamour puss’ new makeup must-haves:

Ellis Faas - The Ellis Faas Holder puts futuristic glam in the palm of your hands.  This silver-toned cylinder and the products inside appear absolutely space aged, and provide all the elements of a full makeup look – in a sleek, chic package.  The colors in Faas’ collection are based on hues found naturally in the human body, so the broad palette is incredibly flattering (and gives new meaning to the term “natural beauty”).

Stila Convertible Eye Color –This eyeshadow/eyeliner two-in-one is all you need to create instant “come hither” eye looks, whether you favor a sultry or a streamlined appearance.

Nars The Multiple – Use your fingers to smooth rich, high-impact color onto cheeks, lips, and even eyes, and zap the length off of your beauty routine.

Incoco nail decals – Press on, file off, and nails stay salon-perfect for two weeks!  If you have difficulty committing to a single shade for that long, fear not – these decals come off with regular nail polish remover.

Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara – Condition your natural lashes while faking it with a dramatic fringe.  When you decide to de-maquillage, expect your lashes to look lusher than before.

African Moringa Miracle Oil – A few drops of this great, Green multiple will smooth flyaways, hydrate skin, remove makeup, and add shine to your hair, wherever you are.

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