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Breaking All the Rules

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Forget everything you know about textured hair: it’s time you learned the new Hair Rules! When it comes to beauty, "All Strands" is the new "All Skins".

Co-founded by celebrity stylist Dickey (proclaimed master of the “mysteries of textured hair”) and supermodel Kara Young (a working mother who knows the priceless values of time management and looking your best), Hair Rules ‘ solution focused products are designed for hair from “kinky to “won’t hold a curl” straight and every texture in between”.

Traditionally, the hair care industry has lacked the knowledge and understanding required to address the needs of textured hair.  Hair Rules, by cultivating “texture-specific” over “ethnic-specific” methodologies, has created a revelatory suite of styling products that eliminate “difficulty” (and potentially reduce the damage) of the hair grooming process.

We’re particularly enamored with these standouts:

Curly Whip – Protects hair from humidity and frizz, no matter the forecast.

Kinky Curling Cream – Transforms kinks into lustrous, bouncy spirals: simply wash, finger-comb, and go.

Blow Out Your Kinks – This chemical-free crème smooths kinks into sleek styles, and imparts shine and body.  Just add a blow-dryer with a comb attachment.

Hydrating Finishing Cream – This finishing step in the Hair Rules process softens, silkens, and amplifies sheen.

We’ve joined Hair Rules revolution.  What are you waiting for?

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