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Adding a Touch of Fresh Air to Your Green Interior


We all know that using real house plants is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to add life to a room. They can be nested in groups and used to fill in blank spaces between pieces of furniture. They add color and texture to bland rooms and provide a touch of nature to your space. What many don’t know however, is that the biggest benefit to “greening your interiors”  is not only a newly-decorated home, but clean air quality.

Studies have shown that house plants absorb pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde and other toxins found in the everyday furnishings of your home. By adding twelve to fifteen plants in an 1,800 square-foot space, one can greatly decrease the concentration of VOCs (volatiles organic compounds) found in paints and stains, thereby increasing the general quality of air within the space.

With the help of organic cleaners and products to clean your carpet, drapes and upholstery, one can further implement a “green” approach to their home.

So during the winter months, bring in a few Christmas cacti and put them in silver pots for a contemporary effect. For the spring, add some house plant drama to your home by using two tall rabbit's foot or bird’s nest ferns in brown baskets on either side of your sofa. Orchids also provide a beautiful elegance indoors and will live up to 25 years.  Not only would you be adding a touch of natural element to your home, but you’d be helping your lungs breathe a bit easier, too.


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