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Winter Grey is the New Black

Saturday, Oct 23rd

Last update 07:02:40 PM EST

Winter Grey is the New Black


A Renaissance Hue for Modern Black Women-Gray, as a shade will forever be immortalized as a diplomatic, ally for textile prints and luxury goods. Highly praised and criticized for its compassion towards rich complexions and organic body types. Recently, this hue has been revived as a top inspiration for designers’ fall/winter collections and enthusiasts alike. The current boom itself has left each of us free to interpret and incorporate any shade of GRAY into our lives in diverse capacities, from furniture to knits. This concept of Gray as the new black, for fierce and beautiful bronzed women is enchanting and revives a “new-neutral” palette with a nostalgic twist.

From Dove Gray to Silver, gray has been infamous largely due to the masculine ambiguity of the shade, the early gym associations and quite possibly the latest implementation of Gray as the Official “shade” of World Mental Health Awareness (Wellsphere.com, 2010 “The Official Color of Mental Health”). In spite of this, Gray has managed to operate as a survival tool in ready to wear fashion hues. The color bridged the gap between casual and dressy, light and dark, while also becoming a restored resource for daily function and unconventional glamour at an economical or high-end price point.

For ages, black garments have dominated wardrobes. Ruling color schemes to become our unobjectionable staple color, the “Little Black Dress Syndrome” so to speak. White, being angelic, has remained a posh option for runways, mid-summer nights and haute couture. Regardless, street style speaks louder than words! When cat-walking through any chic metropolitan city, you’ll quickly realize that many people have received the memo on the impending gray renaissance.

Legendary designer Gianfranco Ferre determined in the early 1980’s, “Gray is officially the New Black”. This past acknowledgement is a realistic fusion for the modern African American woman, due to our complexion contrasts. Simply put, gray accompanies earthy skin tones allowing them to pop with warmth and intensity! When trailblazing, here are a few reference points to pull from while avoiding visual miscalculations and committing fashion faux pas. We lucidly explore all of the exciting ways to introduce gray as the new black, under any circumstances.

The first step to fabulous is, the realization that although we’ve integrated gray as our signature shade, we cannot abandon black for its mystery and work as a slimming textile-godsend. With this knowledge, apply basic black garments as background accompany layers in your (undergarments/camisoles/vests/scarves/leggings), while also playing them up in your other accessories. Be proud to know that gray is an enhancement hue that looks similar to a phenomenon when paired with high intensity shades such as: fluorescents, used to create smoky eyes, or brilliant draping in a dramatic evening gown. Versatility is the key to success with gray, the lovechild of black and white. As a transnational trendsetter, it is compelling to represent the pulse of both worlds when replacing a fashion essential. What better way to keep your balance then by remaining neutral, teetering luxuriously between the gradient of black and white?

Triumphantly speaking, life and fashion are open forums for exaggeration and wild-diva-fun! Don’t leave the excitement of the grayscale to the grandmas! Whatever strategy you chose to identify Gray into your live, do so with magnificence. And remember, when playing with gray anything is applicable!

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