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An Q & A with Swimwear Designer AZ Araujo: On His Homeland Brazil,The Real Housewives of Atlanta & On His Love of Old Luxury

AZ Swimwear
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Sensual, feminine, chic, classic and ultimately glamorous are only a few words to describe the new collection of women's swimwear by designer A.Z Araujo. Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, A.Z has become a staple in the fashion world with a unique vision that captures pure elegance and aesthetic, making his creations not only luxurious, but stunningly sexy. His designs have graced international publications and have been donned by such celebrities such as the winners of the Miss Universe Organization from 2009 and 2010, Adrienne Bailon, Aylín Mújica, Wendy Raquel Robison and Natalia Castro. He has featured Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta and Miami in his runway shows.

Just back from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Miami, I got the opportunity to ask A.Z a couple of questions so we can know a bit more about the man behind the creation.

BC: What part of Brazil are you from and when and how did you start designing?

AZ: I was born Rio de Janeiro and I grew up in the north of Brazil, in Boqueirao. I started designing in Brazil when I was an apprentice under a famous costume designer in Rio .I moved to NY and started my collection 4 years ago.

BC: Please tell us a bit about your involvement with Housewives of Atlanta and Miami.

AZ: I got a call from Bravo, they were looking for designer for Cynthia Bailey and the chose my show to shoot for the show for Cynthia to walk and showcase my collection. I now work with a very dear friend, Miami Housewives Adrianna De Moura and I have relationship with NY and NJ Housewives as well!

BC: What was your inspiration behind your new collection shown at Mercedes Fashion Week in Miami?

AZ: I was inspired by Carmen Miranda and the colors of Brazil.

BC: Who is the AZ Araujo Woman?

AZ: The AZ Araujo woman is very sophisticated, sexy and vivacious woman!! Very confident!

BC: What celebrity would you like to dress?

AZ: Naomi Campbell

BC: How has the fashion industry treated you as a Latin designer? Is there prejudice amongst the fashion world?

AZ: I'm a Brazilian born American designer and of course there are prejudices against any one new or up and coming in the fashion industry that has not claimed a position in the main stream fashion industry as of yet! People are always waiting to see.

BC: What other designers do you look up to and who is your favorite?

AZ: Valentino, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld!! My Favorite is Valentino.

BC: What sets you apart from other swimwear designers?

AZ: The idea that I really pay attention the construction and the finish. I make swim wear from day to night. Very sophisticated. It becomes a piece and it is the attention to detail and quality that I'm most attentive too.

BC: What is your favorite era?

AZ: The 1940's era was more luxurious and had more quality.

BC: Your collection is GORGEOUS. How long does it take you to construct a piece?

AZ: It depends on the frame of mind!! I can take 2 months to put everything together give or take what I'm feeling, or it could take longer.

BC: How would you define your personal style?

AZ: I can be any character, I really like to dress up and be very much tailored or I can become very casual. I like to feel comfortable and feel really present in my clothes.

BC: How do you select your models?

AZ: The model selection is very important. I like models with personality and that are tall and make the clothes look great for the runway.

BC: What can we expect to see in the future for AZ Araujo?

AZ: I want to open my first store very soon!! And to be very structured in my business!

BC: Describe one of your best moments as a designer.

AZ: My final walk after the show is a really great moment!! It's the completion of another show.

You can see more of AZ at

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