Sunday, May 09th

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Stand Under Our Sumbrella


No matter where your skin tone is poised on the melanin-infused spectrum, sun protection should be a part of your daily life – especially this time of the year.   Products that block UVA/UVB rays and help to hydrate are as essential to long-term health as they are to looking your sexy, summer best.

Because many of us women of couleur are as familiar with SPF as we are with the Aramaic alphabet, we’ve come up with a list of all skins-friendly cosmetics that will help you beat the heat, while looking ever-chic.

Face:  EltaMD UV Facial SPF 30+ is so lightweight that it could be whipped!  This never-greasy facial sunscreen disappears instantly into skin, sans irritation, to powerfully hydrate and protect.  Best of all, it’s light enough to be worn over moisturizer and won’t clog oilier complexions.

Body: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist – SPF 45 imparts cool, sheer, full-body coverage, and because it’s free of Titanium Dioxide, your bronzed complexion will never fade to “gray”.

Hair: Before you dive in, or sail away, spritz J.F. Lazartique’s Sun Protection Oil onto hair.  This potent spray will form a protective barrier that shields hair from harmful rays, chlorine, and whipping winds, to keep color true and strands strengthened.

Hair: Jane Carter Solutions Nourish and Shine is a beach bag must-have.  This multi-tasking, mega-moisturizing, hair-body crème will curb ashiness post-dip, and keep hair smooth, shiny and flyaway-free, whether wet or dry.

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