Sunday, May 09th

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If Painting is a Problem Then Borrowed Artwork is the Answer


It is never an excuse NOT to paint a wall or two in your space.  You may have a myriad of reasons on why you have not started painting--you do not have the budget, just too busy, sick of staring at countless swatches at Home Depot or maybe your property owners simply will not allow it.  

 Therefore, I offer a frugal solution to your painting dilemma: Borrowed Artwork.  You can find affordable high quality posters and prints online, use old photos or even old license plates from your favorite car and get them framed.  IKEA has many pre-matted frames that come in all sizes that you can use to spice up your walls. A collage of inspirational or funny quotes can make for the perfect picture or buy a canvas from your local craft store and paint a stripe across it. These can add character and spruce up your place.

Whatever artwork you choose will not only make your space stand out, but it will make YOU feel better!  Your space should reflect who you are and what you want in life, so express that.  If you can take time to upload pictures on your cell phone or put images on Facebook, then surely you can create artwork for your home.

You can hang a rug or even vinyl wallpaper to accent your wall.  Vinyl wallpaper is great for rented spaces because it can be removed with no problem and does not need glue to be installed. Do you have any ideas for wall art?  Post below and let’s discuss.

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