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Looks Inspired by Style Icon Donyale Luna


She may have been born Peggy Ann Freeman in Detroit, but like her adopted name, Donyale Luna was otherworldly.  The ethereal beauty crafted an exotic personal mythology that allowed her to transcend both her environment and era, to leap from the Ebony Fashion Fair runway to those of Paris, Milan, London, and New York.  Eventually, she captured the ultimate supermodel prize:  the cover of American Vogue.  Luna’s Vogue cover was the first to feature a Black woman and, as a sign of the time, she was photographed with her hand covering most of her features, while a single, spectacular, Cleopatra-lined eye peeked at the public.

As a top model, Luna created the now ubiquitous concept of the model-as-musician’s muse.  Her beauty and unique style sensibility enraptured men across the globe, including a number of rock giants (including the Rolling Stones’ late, great Brian Jones).  Luna’s lithe form, deep-tawny complexion, and most of all, her gigantic cat-eyes transfixed the world, albeit for a too-brief moment – she succumbed to a drug overdose in her early-thirties.

Although she streaked through the popular culture like a shooting star, the glittering trail left in her wake remains.  With the high-waist flare about to unseat the skinny straight leg, and ladylike-but-louche looks usurping the studied dishevelment that’s ruled the better part of a decade, we're in the midst of a Donyale Luna revival!  The hottest looks coming out of fashion’s current late-60s/early-70s moment (toodles, 80s!) recall her unmistakable style, and affinity for texture, lengthy silhouettes, and showing just the right amount of skin.

These are a few of our favorite looks inspired by the Divine Donyale:

MiH M arrakesh Kick-Flare

Asos Tailored Silk Open Back Jumpsuit  

Costello Tagliapietra Drop Shoulder Dress

Theyskens Theory Extra Wide-Leg Pants

ABS Rosette Strapless Mini

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