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Self-Defense Gadgets In Disguise

Self Defense Gadget for Women Blush Pepper Spray

They may seem like devices only Q from James Bond could dream up. But thanks to mobile technology, designers have become more creative and innovative in the way that they create self-defense gadgets, especially for women.  Whether it’s pepper spray camouflaged as a tube of lipstick or a knife disguised as a hair comb, women are now packing heat masked as everyday accessories and cosmetics.

If you’re hunting for a portable gadget that you can use to protect yourself if needed, and if you don’t mind the device doubling up as a fashion accessory or a beauty aid, here are a few to try. (To note, before purchasing any of these gadgets, be sure that you can legally carry it in your state.)

Blush Brush a.k.a Pepper Spray

If you’re toting a small purse or clutch and only have room to pack a few items, the Blush Brush Pepper Spray is a compact device that looks like a blush brush but delivers the sting that comes with a an ordinary bottle of pepper spray.

Tube of Lipstick a.k.a Knife

With the cap on, the Lipstick Knife is masked to appear as an ordinary blue tube of lipstick, but inside is a 1-¼ inch jagged stainless steel blade. The blade is encased in guard that has a sleek gold-finish, similar to most traditional lipstick cases, and one that is sure to trick any overly daring assailant.

Car Remote Control a.k.a. Camcorder

The Keychain DVR disguised as an average car remote control places a high-resolution video camera and the power of an eyewitness in the palm of your hand. By touching a button, record snapshots of any event to a flash memory card. The device records up to 3 hours and the content can be easily downloaded to your computer to ensure that you’ll always have the facts in black and white.

These devices can be purchased at the online store for self-defense and protection products, Rose Guardian.

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